Jonny Kelson’s devotion to the aesthetics of self expressions began with Kool-Aid, Manic Panic, and playing punk rock during his school days. This naturally evolved to formal training at the Aveda Institute in 1999, as well as education with Bumble & Bumble, K√©rastase, Shu Uemera, and R&Co.

Jonny’s unique vision built him a loyal clientele that followed him to three different Minneapolis salons until 2007, when he opened Mezzanine Salon with his wife Stephanie. Jonny utilized his eye for beauty, structure, and light to reimagine a historic movie theatre into a multi-level hair studio where he practiced the art of hair for thirteen years, helping clients to show their inner selves to the world. Recently, Jonny transmogrified his passion for the history of form and style into a new medium and taught himself to oil paint.

His expansion into the fine art world informed the creation of Gilda, which serves both as an art gallery and art atelier. As with Mezzanine, what you see at Gilda reflects both Jonny’s love of timeless objects, exacting attention to detail, and dedication to the art of life.

toner                                               15

deep conditioning                    40

kids 12 & under                         50

haircut                                            70

blowout                                          60

color – retouch                           90

color – all over                            125

foil – half                                        135

foil – full                                         185

foil – half w/tint                         195

foil – full w/tint                          210

balayage – half                           185

balayage – full                             200

bleach & tone – retouch        145

bleach & tone – all over          175